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8th Grade Simons
Eric Simon.jpg

Eric Simon

Eric Pieffer.jpg

Eric Peiffer

Mark Meyers.jpg

Mark Meyers

Nick Lawless.jpg

Nick Lawless

7th Grade Crowley 
Crowley 6A (3)_edited.jpg

Dennis Crowley

Coach Galey 7th(1).jpg

Jason Galey

James Espinoza_edited.jpg

James Espinoza

Coach Spitzley.jpg

Chris Spitzley

Coach Prince.jpg

Chuck Prince

6th Grade Kolp 
Kolp (5).jpg

Mike Kolp

Rob Cammenga.jpg

Rob Cammenga

Matt Reay.jpg

Matt Reay

Josh Moore.jpg

Josh Moore

Ryan Therian.jpg

Ryan Therrian

Tim Slaughter.jpg

Tim Slaughter

Aaron Guilford.jpg

Aaron Guilford

5th Grade Williams (5-1)
Jack Williams.jpg

Jack Williams

Brad Beard.jpg

Brad Beard

Jordy Lanz.jpg

Jordy Lanz

Andy Hengesbach (3).jpg

Andy Hengesbach

Dan Graef.jpg

Dan Graef


Chris Reed


Chris Meyers


Jr Raider Cheerleading Coaches

Amanda Stambaugh

6th Grade Cheer
Fyan 6th Cheer (2).jpg

Samantha Fyan


Shea Elliot

5th Grade Cheer
Renee Martin.jpg

Renee Martin

Lelia Thomas.jpg

Lelia Thomas

4th Grade Cheer

Chanda Lefke

 Our programs would not be possible without the commitment and dedication of our volunteer tackle football and cheer coaches! If you are interested in volunteering please email us at today! Thank you! 

Jr Raider football Coaches

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